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A Pampered Chef Party - Kinda...


You can probably tell if you have spent time over here at our blog that Dan and I love to cook!! We spend lots of time in the kitchen, like LOTS! We cook. We bake. We have successes and sometimes we have FAILS! We even have had some of our biggest fights in the kitchen - but you don't want to read about that!! 

When I found out that my dear friend Keri was selling Pampered Chef, I couldn't help but want to do a show for her! I love Ron & Keri and the Wilsonnettes. We all lived in Spartanburg together a long time ago - like during my college days.  Then we all moved to New Orleans which seems like a LONG time ago too.  Then they left me for Kentucky and now they are living in Texas working with NEXT, a really cool ministry that you should check out here!

So back to the Pampered Chef party....

It  doesn't hurt that I love, like really love, anything Pampered Chef! We have a round stone that we LOVE and Dan uses when he makes the pizza. They have all kinds of new things too - which I have my eye on!

Right now I am doing a Pampered Chef catalog and web show with Keri. The show will be open until the 29th. It's a fun way to help support one of my favorite families and it's also a great time to get some Christmas goodies for the ones in your life who also love to cook.  You can order online here and it's super easy!!  

Happy Shopping!! 

*if you order online, make sure to list me as the host and Keri as the consultant - and shoot me a message so that I can follow up!