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coming full circle...


When I was in college I worked for The Sound of Light, a Christian Rock Radio show that aired on Saturday nights. It was lots of fun and I loved it! Then I moved to New Orleans, and then I moved back to Spartanburg, and then I moved to N.Africa, and  then I got married and now I'm back in Spartanburg and life has come full circle for me for a little while, at least. 

I'm now temporarily serving as the Promotions Director at The Z, a Christian rock radio station based out of Spartanburg. It's fun being back in radio land and getting connected with listeners, promoters, bands, and just the general radio world.  I'm more and more convinced each day that this is not where I'll land long term, but for now I am grateful for the opportunity to serve at The Z alongside fun people like Britt, Cale, & Matthew.

And... I'm not watching squirrels out my kitchen window all day now, so that makes ME and Dan very happy!!! 

If you like christian rock music, you should check out the station ! It's pretty cool, if I say so myself...