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more than...


Dan and I have a silly little thing we do at night sometimes when we're chatting, before we fall asleep.

It goes like this...

Me: I love you more than.....

Dan: Well, I love you more than....

and we go back and forth a few times until it just gets a little bit ridiculous and we end up laughing hysterically and neither one of us falls asleep...

So this is how it went the other night.

Me: I love you more than Chuck, Season 4 (which we were just finishing up thanks to Netflix) 

Dan: I love you more than The New Girl (which is one of our favorite shows)

Me: I love you more than Sweat-tart Hearts (which happen to be my favorite Valentines candy) 

Dan: Well... I love you more than...... {awkward pause}...... TACOS!! {said with much excitement...} 

Me: {awkward pause...}  tacos??


I'm not so sure how I feel about that answer... 

but I'm sure glad he loves me more than tacos, and I'm so glad that we can be silly together!!!