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Red Roses Mix 2012



Front Cover

Back Cover

Lately, Kimmy and I have been watching the Chuck series via Netflix DVDs. And one of our favorite parts of the show is the music. After listening to all the songs from all the seasons, I came up with a list of 12 songs that were perfect for Kimmy and for Valentine's Day. She loved it and we hope you do too!

Red Roses Mix, 2012 (The Chuck Mix)

1. Bright Eyes — "First Day of My Life"
2. The Romantics — "What I Like About You"
3. Eels — "Fresh Feeling"
4. Datarock — "Amarillion"
5. The Kooks — "Love It All"
6. Carla Bruni — "L'amoureuse"
7. Gramercy Arms — "Looking At The Sun"
8. Ra Ra Riot — "Can You Tell"
9. Band of Horses — "No One's Gonna Love You"
10. Frightened Rabbit — "Snake"
11. Nina Simone — "Feeling Good"
12. Sam Sparro — "Black & Gold"

And now for some acknowledgements:

I made the cover using Jewelboxing templates and Creative Commons licensed images from

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