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guitar failure...



When Dan and I got engaged, he gave me a guitar. Well, technically he gave me a guitar for my birthday, he also just happened to propose on the same night and hid the ring in a bag of picks.  He's sneaky like that...

I've always wanted to learn how to play the guitar. I took piano lessons for around 9 years and one would think that guitar would just come naturally... Right?  Wrong!   My roomie in NOLA, the talented and beautiful Malia, tried to teach me a few songs (bless her....)  I played around on one while living overseas, in my room alone when no one else was listening. I've learned a few chords here and there but I've yet to really learn. Like really learn. 

I came across this super cute pic on Pinterest (sorry, I don't know the original source) and it reminded me that I needed to get my guitar out of the case and practice for a little bit - let's just say it was bad, really bad!  Oh for it to be so sweet and simple as this pic makes it out to be....