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Why Yes...


Dan and I are part of the "newlywed" class on Sunday mornings at our church. For the longest time I kept calling it the "honeymoon" class... it's kinda close?!? 

Tonight we had a Vow Renewal ceremony for our class and all past class members. We were reminded about the purpose of marriage and the importance of one another. We vowed to place the other first, above our own self. To honor one another. To laugh with one another. To cry with one another. Although it's only been a little over a year since we became husband and wife - it was a sweet night of renewing those words and a recommitment to one another. 

In preparation for tonight, the guys were supposed to ask the ladies if we would marry them again - and when Dan asked me to marry him again on Saturday with this sweet yet silly picture - I, of course, said Why YES!!! I mean, how can I resist Han?