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Choo Choo...


We love board games, cards games, and any other kind of game like Apples to Apples or Catch Phrase or Phase10!  That's one of the reasons we had games at our wedding reception. I mean, who doesn't love to just turn off the TV, blast a little Pandora, and pour the box of dominos all over the floor?

Mexican Train is one of my favorite games but it makes me miss all the fun FBS singles that used to gather on Friday nights or during the Singles Retreat when we played whatever game we just happen to bring with us! Now that group could play a LONG game of Mexican Train!!

Dan and I pulled out the box of dominos last night and well - it's not quite as fun with just the two of us! We kinda had to make up our own rules...

We won't say who won last night's round (cough... Kimmy... cough, cough)