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2 or 200...


Several people have asked me about how things went yesterday with the launch of Refuge, a new ministry to the homeless through FBS. I'm not sure how to even answer that question because I wasn't even sure what to expect, honestly. Dan and I, and the rest of the team, have spent months planning and praying, lining up breakfast, getting donations of shower supplies, building laundry carts, and organizing volunteers. We've been passing out the word and most importantly praying for our friends. 

I would often pray - "Lord, if there are 2 or 200, we just want you to be glorified and the homeless to feel loved by you and by us." I was dreaming about 200, we had planned for about 50, yet at the end of the day we had 2. Isn't it funny how God hears our prayers and answers them.  He brought 2. While my flesh battles with disappointment today, I am being reminded that this is the Lord's work - HE brings the people, HE draws them - we just have to be prepared and ready - and we were. 

I was also reminded that this type of ministry isn't about the masses - like so many other ministries that I've been a part of in the past. This is simple and relational and it takes time - which, I often struggle with! This type of ministry is about Mr. Clayton and Teresa. It's about investing in their lives and teaching them the truth of God's word. And they are both so very worth every ounce of time that we all put in to this past week.  

So - how did Refuge go? It was amazing and sweet and intimate and just what God had planned for the day. God was glorified and my two new friends left feeling loved perhaps like never before... Now in my book, that's a success!



2 or 200, Lord this is Yours!