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Fill in the Blank Friday Fun...



1.  Something that is very near and dear to my heart is, my hubby Dan,  he's amazingly perfect for me and I praise the Lord daily for him!

2.  Waking up each morning, summer starting, and our garden growing  is good cause to celebrate .

3.  The most fun I ever had was how can I even begin to answer that one... living in N.Africa, traveling all over the world, board games with friends, girl weekends with my sister, gosh - I love my life!

4.  True friends are the ones that you can call at 2am when you just need to cry and/or laugh. I have some pretty amazing friends- some who have walked through some pretty crappy junk with me and others that are just beginning to live life together and it's so incredible sweet and good! I am blessed! 

5. Something that makes me terribly happy is a cup of coffee by my bed when I wake up, a back scratch while we're watching tv, lunch with one of those above mentioned true friends... It doesn't take much...
6. A good way to spend a sunny day is outside, a magazine in one hand and a cold glass of sweet mint iced tea in the other.

7. My favorite celebratory food is icecream- which is terrible but oh so yummy!
The Little Things We Do is feeling cheerful today and so am I! Have fun playing along too!