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Cooking, Praying, Eating: Germany


Germany holds a special place in our hearts. Its here where I{Kimmy} met some pretty amazing students who lived in N.Africa, thus beginning a path to live, love, and serve there. It's also in Germany where Dan and I, and our amazing friend Katie, all met up while we were apart - before we trained through Italy, on one of our favorite vacations ever! It's a beautiful and sweet place with kind and loving people. As we read through Operation World, we couldn't help but make it personal - lifting up places where we had been, people that were living there now, and rejoicing in how God had woven Germany through our story. There were so many things though that we didn't know about Germany. Who knew that there is over 110 million German speakers in the world today!?

Specific Prayer Points:  

  • Germany's wealth, power, and strategic location in the EU and Europe could be of inestimable value for the Kingdom of God. Pray for leaders to be raised up who will tackle the tough issues like the economy, the remaining problems between the East and the West and Germany's place in the EU.
  • Germany Evangelicals in all denominations are less than 2.5 million, but are slowly growing in numbers. 
  • Theological education has proved a major cause of decline in the church with high levels of scholarship but spiritually destructive teaching. Pray for professors and students alike who openly proclaim the Truth to be welcome to teach in institutions throughout the country. 

For more prayer points or to learn more about Germany, check out Operation World

For dinner, Dan made potato dumplings with pork schnitzel. Its was really yummy too and made me want to hop on a plane and head that way for some "real" authentic German food.  Maybe cooking, praying, and eating from all these different countries isn't a good idea... I sure have travel fever now!  Join us this week as we pray for Germany and her people. 

We've also spent time cooking, praying, and eating through Gabon & Ethiopia.  Next week we "travel" to Gilbratar, I can't wait!