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Cooking, Praying, Eating: Ethiopia


Dan and I love to cook - I've said that numerous times, but it's so true. We like all kinds of food and we're constantly trying to think of new recipes and try new things. We're also pretty passionate about praying for the world. We have been reading 7 by Jen Hatmaker and we came up with the idea to pick one country each week and pray for that country throughout the week and prepare a meal from that country to eat. We're using Operation World as our guide. It's a fun way to combine our three loves of cooking, praying, and eating.

On the menu this past week was Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a fertile mountain plateau surrounded by the drought-prone lowlands and deserts of the Red Sea coast and borders on Eritrea, Somalia, Kenya and Sudan. As of 2010 it had a population of over 79 million according to Operation World. 

Here are some prayer points for Ethiopia: 

  • Ethiopia's political leaders confront crises on many fronts. Pray for wisdom, humility, courage and a seeking after God among those in leadership and for peace and the right climate to bring about change for the better. Repression, famines, wars and deep poverty have traumatized many.
  • Massive growth in Protestant and Independent churches have created a great expectation for further harvest. Pray for continued revival and growth, and the continued growth of a missions vision.

On the menu for the night was Injeera, an Ethiopian sourdough crepe and Dora Wat, a chicken in red pepper paste dish with boiled eggs.  I'm not sure how accurate these recipes were to "real" Ethiopian food. Maybe we'll get to go there and find out one day...


On the menu and prayer focus for next week is Gabon. I had to actually look up where that was!