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Constantly Craving: A Book Review


"I don't believe it is possible for any of us to find ultimate meaning in life apart from placing our hope in a God who is and who always will be a God who cares about every detail of our lives." Marilyn Meberg

I agree with author, speaker, and counselor, Marilyn Meberg, in her book Constantly Craving that we are constantly looking for something - longing for more - craving. In her book she looks at the various areas of our cravings - marriage, contentment, friendship, time, meaning, forgiveness, and more. If we are honest with ourselves, one of those areas is going to speak to our hearts. As I was reading this book, I have to admit that more than one chapter spoke to the depths of my heart and NO I won't share which ones with you! This book touches on why we were created for more and why we are constantly craving. It's an easy book to read and Meberg includes many personal stories from her own life, which helps connect with the reader. She doesn't hold back though - she acknowledges that while every person is craving more, she identifies that apart from Christ, our cravings are never satisfied.

Meberg challenged me as I read her book. She challenged my heart that this world is not about "stuff" or accumulating status and things - but seeking Christ above all, which is so contrary to what the world says. She asks the tough questions like "is it possible to be content but not happy and happy but not content?" In her chapter about time, she reminds us that we can win the battle against "time". We constantly say and hear from others, "we just don't have time..." She challenges us that it's not about "not having time" but about realigning our priorities and determining the meaning and purpose for our very existence. When we do that, some of the "less" important things begin to fall away.  Although Meberg's book is easy to read, it's definitely not easy to process and apply... If you are wondering if there is "more to life" and longing for something greater - you gotta pick up this book. 


*I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.