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We've recently been facebooking and tweeting (are those even words...weird!) each week about how God has been and continues to be faithful through Refuge and many of you have been so sweet to ask us about what we are up to and what this "Refuge thing" is all about.  Dan and I have been so honored and excited to be leading this new outreach to the homeless in Spartanburg through our church. Every Sunday morning, really early - probably before many of you have even drank your first cup of coffee - we, along with a team of amazing volunteers - are setting up, welcoming some pretty cool guys to come in, take a load off their feet, take a warm shower, drink a hot cup of coffee and enjoy a yummy breakfast. We've sung songs together, we've prayed together, we've laughed together, we've studied the word together - and I've even had to get fiesty with a few of them who were out of line already! It's grown from 2 to 6 to 16 to 19 - seeing over 30 different friends stop in at some point over this last month. We've had over 50 volunteers that have signed on to serve and Sunday School classes lining up to serve a homecooked meal! What a joy it has been to simply love on these guys and gals. We've been amazed at God's provision before we've even asked and we've simply sat back and just watched HIM pour out HIS spirit on that little snack room each and every week. 

Dan and I created a blog for Refuge a few weeks ago and I just realized that we hadn't posted it over here, so I thought I would share it with you guys so you can follow along and see God's "amazingness" and join in with us as we serve the homeless in Spartanburg. We share highlights from each week, prayer requests, current needs, and other fun stuff.  Also be sure to check out the latest article in the Encourager Magazine and stop and take a few minutes to pray for Refuge!