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Cooking, Praying, Eating: Gibraltar


The Rock of Gibraltar was probably one of my most favorite places that I got to visit while living overseas. It was quirky, unique, and not many people can say they've actually bought a Dr. Pepper and a pack of Reese's Pieces from there. I still haven't forgotten what a BIG deal that is in a land where Dr. Pepper doesn't exist! It was like liquid gold - ok, I'm getting a bit crazy here... 

It's a neat peninsula/rock and I loved my whole day visiting - you don't need much more than that to see the whole 6 kilometer rock and buy your stash of Dr. Peppers and pop-tarts. Not only did I get to drink Dr. Pepper, I got to speak in English... On that particular day, I really really loved the British who has control of the rock. Oh, And - if you're NOT careful, you might just get attacked by monkeys too which roam around- they are creepy!  I digress...  

Tonight - as we fried up some yummy fish and chips - we spent time praying for the people of Gibraltar - which is just under 25,000. So tiny - yet that rock is so important to those living in Spain, Britain, and all across N.Africa. I'm not a FAN of fish - at all - but this I enjoyed! It was probably because it was deep fried and I covered it with cocktail sauce, and it reminded me of a sweet day of refuge in the midst of some pretty stressful days.

Prayer Points: 


  • The majority of the population is Catholic. Pray for God to speak to their hearts and draw them to Himself. Pray for the established churches on the rock to have a heart for their neighbors and lost right there around them. 
  • Pray for the many tourist that come to the rock and for those from N.Africa that come to work on the rock. The population is very diverse for such a small landmass.  There are over 6 million tourist that come through and over 7000 N.African workers


We were so excited about our fish and chips tonight - we didn't get a great picture - so here's an original pic from a fun little Pub on a random side street in Gibraltar. 

We got our recipe for the Fish and Chips from the Food Network and it was pretty yummy! 

Next week we'll be cooking, praying, and eating our way through Indonesia. That should be fun!