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Cooking, Praying, Eating: Indonesia


This week our focus was on Indonesia - and I have to admit, while I knew a few things about that place and have a few dear friends who live and work there - there is so much that Dan and I learned as we read about this amazing island land. It's the 4th largest country in the world (based on population). I had NO idea there were 200 million people living on the 17,000 islands (but only 4,000 were actually inhabited). There is also a high Asian influence so most of the Indonesian recipes were items that I would have assumed were either Chinese, Japanese, or Thai - like fried rice or fried noodles. The food definetly sounds really yummy and tonight we made Bumbu Nasi Goreng, also known as Easy Indonesian Fried Noodles, and it was quite tasty - it also made alot so Dan and I will be eating the leftovers and praying for Indonesia for many days to come! 


Prayer Points for Indonesia: 

  • The need for spiritual leaders of maturity in the churches. Ask for the lay leadership to step up and seek training so that they can help disciple and teach those that are wanting to learn about their new faith. Many still depend on paid, full-time workers to do a majority of the work, which has not been effective in the past. 
  • Supportive ministries such as Bible translations, literature publications, flying ministries, and distribution of the Jesus film. God is using many avenues to reach His people who are spread out across lots of islands. Pray that more and more languages will be translated and Bibles and other literature printed so that the Indonesians have access to Scripture. 

For more information about this interesting land and ways to pray for her people, check out Operation World! Next up Japan, but we gotta get through all these leftovers first!