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Cooking, Praying, Eating: Kazakhstan


Did you know that Kazakhstan, a country in Central Asia is primarily semi-desert? I had no idea! That is one of the things Dan and I love about praying and cooking from various countries each week. We've been learning things too! Now I just wish we could visit all of these countries.... 

I was a little unsure of what the food would be like from this country. I've had friends that have visited and when they returned they told fun stories of eating horse tongue which sounds quite scrumptious {hope you're catching my sarcasm there}... but after searching around for a while, I found a couple yummy vegeterian dishes that we put together and they were great! You can't go wrong with rice and dried fruit and honey! 

Our first dish was a carrot dish called Sabzi Piez filled with cilantro, carrots, onions and butter.  Our main dish was a rice dish called Chrov Plav that was filled with dried fruits like raisins, prunes, and apricots.   

Prayer Points: 

1. Pray for the revival of the Kazakh identity among the people. About 40% of native Kazakhs cannot speak their own language. pray that government leaders may wisely develp their nation's cultural identity. Pray that the peace and tolerance which enables ministry might continue. 

2. Most claim to be Orthodox. Many Kazakhs claim to be Orthodox and are emigrating back to their homelands. The Orthodox Church has been seeking to remove the measure of religious freedom gained at independence. Pray that these attempts may be foiled and that small renewal movements in the church may grow. 

3. Some Uzbeks and Uighurs in Kazakhstan are turning to Christ. Pray for the church to take root among them. Christianity is still largely an urban phenomenon, but is starting to reach out into the rural areas. 

For more information about Kazakhstan and how to pray, check out OperationWorld