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she's having a baby!


One of my most favorite people is going to be a mommy and I can't wait to meet that little one soon! You would think that living only about an hour and a half apart, we'd be able to see each other more but life just gets crazy. When Malia, my favorite New Orleans roomie came to visit back in July, we gave her a very "intellectual" and impromptu baby shower. We had gathered lots of baby books and baked a cake for the little one - or us!?! Malia and I took turns picking out books that reminded us of either Tiffany or David, or just simply made us laugh. We baked and iced a rather delicious cake - which was blue and pink on the inside because they aren't finding out if it's a boy or girl! We also enjoyed eating at one of our favorite places in Greenville, all together. It was just a great morning of being together - the three of us, or should I say four?!? 

I am blessed by these two girls! They encourage me, laugh with and at me, and just make life fun! 

Which is it? A Boy or a Girl? I'm leaning toward boy.... 


We can't wait to welcome little Baby A!

He or She is gonna be a smart baby A!