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Cooking, Praying, Eating: Japan


We love Japanese food! There is nothing like a sweet lunch date to Shogun, one of our "fast-food" Japanese restaurants, but we decided to stick with our challenge and make some homemade Japanese food instead.  Dan did some research and found a good recipe for a stir-fry Teriyaki chicken over rice. We were able to use some fresh zucchini from the garden and of course we had to whip up our favorite shrimp sauce. I have to admit though the sauce just wasn't as good as Shoguns' sauce. Dan found the yummy Teriyaki recipe here

Prayer Points for Japan: 

1. Japan is a mixture of openness and unresponsiveness - pray that the sincere, polite, hard-working Japanese would not be too busy to give heed to the gospel.

2. Young people in Japan are becoming a "rare" breed. They are more materialistic, individualistic, and more violent. Pray for those serving on school campuses to boldly speak truth to this young generation. 

3. The yukuza criminal network has an active role in importing over 200,000 foreign women who are forced into sex-slavery.  Pray for their release and restoration. Pray for those working to set them free! Praise the Lord for the International Justice Mission that is working around the world to combat sex-trafficking. 

For more prayer points on Japan, check out Operation World

Join us next time as we head to Kazakhstan - that should be fun!