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my how our garden grew...


Our garden really took off and was quite a success this year! We planted tomatoes (three different kinds), squash, zucchini, peppers (four different kinds), tomatillas, carrots, onions, and corn. We also planted several kinds of herbs like rosemary, basil, cilantro, oregano, and mint. We used a few large containers for planting and we also added three additional raised beds to the one that Dan had already built a few years back, which gave us lots of room to grow! It was quite a learning experience for us. We had no idea that corn doesn't really grow well beside tomatoes and tomatilla plants really should be planted inside the cages as to not take over the whole bed! We, I really mean myself, realized that you can't plant tomato plants super close together because they get really large and out of control. Next year, I'll listen to Dan on that one!!  The garden was a lot of work but so much fun for the both of us. It was quite stress relieving to water the plants each evening after a busy day. And it was even more fun to head out with my basket to gather the "fruits" of all our hard work! 



Now - on to our fall planting - spinach, broccoli, and lettuce! We can't wait!!