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our own cloth napkins



We've started using cloth napkins around our home this year - which has completely cut down on paper trash going out of here and saved us a small amount of money, which makes us both smile - and it's just fun! I set out at the end of last year to make several sets of napkins that we could use and came across some pretty neat material that Dan's mom had given to us a while back. It was fun to use that material and work on my sewing skills too. These were super simple and pretty quick - unless, you're like me and struggle to use the foot peddle, while at the same time using my hands to guide the material,  while watching to make sure that it all stays straight... I have a new appreciation for our moms who sew and for all those dresses my mom worked so hard on! 

To make cloth napkins (using my very simple terms and way):


  • Cut two 18" squares (I used the quilted material for one side and a solid red for the back side). 
  • Pin the squares together, leaving about a quarter of an inch on the edges, with the outsides facing in
  • Sew the two sides together, leaving about a two inch gap to turn the material. 
  • Turn the napkin inside out and press with an iron
  • Sew a top-stitch around all four edges to finish.