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Naming a Little One...



Names are a big deal to us. We love family names and we've asked both sides of our family for a list of names of great grandparents and great great grandparents and people who were important to them so that we can begin praying through what we want our child to be named. We've tossed out quite a few names and have settled on two that we love!  It's a big deal - this name follows them for the rest of their lives - we could really mess them up! ha

After spending the weekend with my neices in Baltimore though - they threw a couple more names into the hat. I considered them for about one second before deciding to stick with the ones we had already chosen. Savannah and Makenzie want to name he/she "Princess Hello Kitty Makenzie" if it's a girl and "Uncle Dan" if it's a boy...

Um...No! But thanks for the suggestions girls! 

LL is growing strong and kicking mommy like crazy!! We are getting excited as the day draws near to welcome this little one into the world!