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Happy Thanksgiving!

Kimmy LaMee

We had a great Thanksgiving Day this year! We spent the morning and early afternoon serving with Feed the Community, a ministry in Spartanburg that serves around 10,000 meals to those in need. It was quite fun seeing all those meals prepared, volunteers serving, Bibles being handed out and lots and lots of pies!!! It's such an honor and blessing to be able to serve at FBS and have these unique ways to serve our community! After we headed out, we stopped by the Waffle House for a quick lunch --- don't be jealous! We laughed about starting a new Thanksgiving lunch tradition after Feed the Community. We also enjoyed having both of our families over for Thanksgiving Dinner - which was quite yummy and fun! It was such a great day and this year we are thankful for the blessings that God has graciously lavished upon our little family,  and we are excited about what is yet to come!  

Thankful Tree

Some things that made our thankful tree this year include: 

  • LL is healthy and kicking mommy like crazy, and NO gestational diabetes! 
  • Nola, our soccer playing, cuddly dog
  • our small group that meets and studies God's word together each week
  • Pecan Pie! 
  • Coffee (that was from Dan - sadly, Kimmy hasn't been a huge fan lately....) 
  • and a few more we can't mention on here.... ha