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Love Spartanburg



Dan and I, along with about 70 others from our church, had a great opportunity to head out to five different housing developments to pass out food and other goodies this past Saturday to their residents. We passed out food - a basic need that we all have and it was simple and fun and for a couple short hours - it wasn't so much about us, our church, or what we had to offer. It was simply just about loving practically and being a good neighbor, just as Jesus called us to do - meeting a basic need, without question.  And we get to go out again this Saturday morning, back to the same sweet faces, to play with the same sweet yet rowdy children, to hug the same elderly and precious necks, and pass out food.  My prayer is that as we go door to door to over 700 residents in our city, that they will see and experience the love of Jesus through a simple bag filled with food and goodies.