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Friday Favorites!



Biko Village, South Africa (taken by Matt Kuhn)

We've been home from South Africasince Monday and I'm still waking up at 5am. I'm also still crashing by 9 every night - but that's not really any different than before. Silly jetlag!  Dan is working hard on editing pictures and we've both enjoyed reminiscing about our amazing time there. Biko Village holds a special place in our hearts now - Can we go back!? Like right now....

Ann Voskamp is at it again with this incredible word about comparison. It's rampant in the world of facebook, twitter, blogs, and pinterest... everyone has to one up and make their world look perfect on the outside.  And many of those same friends have shared how they just don't feel like they quite cut it anymore... and at times, I've felt that way too. That's why I chose to trust that God loves me, gifts me, calls me and uses me just as I am. He also does the same for you too! So - you be you and I'll be me... and it will be pretty special!  

I found two great apps this week  - one a simple thank you app, the other an app from the Joshua Project that gives me a people group to pray for each day. That's two of my favorite things - praying for the unreached and saying thanks in fun and creative ways! 

Oh, and thanks to Lucy, our MPact Ministry assistant, I am now watching the second season of Call the Midwife. Oh my word - I love this show! I found the first season on Netflix a while back but they just have season one. Lucy did some digging around and discovered that you can watch all of the second season on the PBS app or online. It's a super PBS show that you have to check out! 


Tripe, a South Africa rural dish (pic taken by Matt Kuhn)

I'm glad I'm not eating Tripe today! (that's the meal we were served on Wednesday from the sweet ladies out at Biko Village who showed such love and hospitality. I'm not a fan of cow stomach and organs but we all ate it though and kept it down) Instead - I made our favorite spicy sausage pasta and turkey and black bean enchiladas this week! The pasta is becoming one of our favorite go to meals! 

I'm also enjoying catching up on the laundry, finishing the unpacking, and sitting with Jesus and Nola outside today... it's a beautiful day! Get out and enjoy it! 


God be gracious to us and make your face shine on us, so that your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations.  Psalm 67:1-2