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simply Jesus...



Two weeks ago, we sat in a one room church in the middle of a Xhosa village of  small homes, shacks, and lean-tos near the coast of south Africa. The room was filled with beautiful women and men, babies strapped on backs, barefoot children running in and out.  The men and women surrounding me were singing and dancing, all praying out loud at the same time, bursting forth in song as the spirit led them. They prayed for their new brother who was experiencing spiritual warfare since he accepted and started following Jesus. I'm saying they really prayed - liked stopped their service and we surrounded him and we were all praying, out loud, all together, at the same time.  We sang songs all together, simple songs that they really believed. Songs like "never give up". The doors and windows wide open for the whole village to hear.  They all marched their offering to the front of the room- joyfully giving what they had, and for some possibly all they had, as part of their worship.  The drums were loud and kept us on beat. The tambourine moved from hand to hand, and we danced and clapped and laughed and worshipped freely and beautifully. 

And I missed that today... 

Don't misunderstand- I worshipped today in a beautiful building with beautiful songs, being led by an amazing worship leader, and taught by a great pastor - but oh my, how my heart longed to dance and worship as we did two weeks ago... With our brothers and sisters in South Africa, barefoot and simply loving Jesus- with no cameras and lights and smoke, no distractions of responsibilities, no time constraints or schedules...

just Jesus...

Simply Jesus.

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