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Friday Favorites!


It's been kind of a quiet week - I cherish those! 

Since we got back from South Africa, we've both been dreaming of turning our backyard into an area to Braai, pronounced bry. It's their term for "cooking out" but it's not like the cookouts we have here - they have big firepit/ovens outside with huts built around them and it's a BIG deal! Dan has been looking up recipes and I actually found out that September 24th is National Braai Day! We're so celebrating! 


Speaking of being outside - our garden is really starting to take off! We picked our first strawberry (only one!), our zuchinni is starting to have beautiful bright flowers, and we've already started to dry some of our fresh herbs. I can't wait to start our tally charts for our 2013 garden yield! We've got quite a bit planted in our little backyard garden.


Dan has been working away on editing the over 2000 pics that we took while we were in South Africa. So far he's got the first couple days finished - which makes it appear that all we did was go on a safari, but soooo not true! I promise the sweet pics of children and the proof that Dan went to Africa and "dug it" will be up soon! You can see all our pics over at Dan's flickr page!

And speaking of sweet kiddos, I think that if the airline would have allowed for more than 50 pounds in our bags, I might would have tried to sneak a few of those precious children back with me! Dan and I don't know if adoption is part of God's plan for our lives but if it is, I'm all in! This week Jen Hatmaker, a really shoot straight kinda author and blogger, spoke some pretty straight forward truth about adoption and our role as Christians. If you're considering adopting, you really need to read her latest series that she posted on her blog. Wise words that cut straight! 

And other wise words - I'm reading Bread and Wine by Shauna Neiquest. It's a book about entertaining and cherishing community around the table. She says, "what people are craving isn't perfection. People aren't longing to be impressed; they're longing to feel like they're home." Oh man, I need to remember that when I have friends over and I'm stressing over how the table looks, or that I don't have enough serving platters, or that the pie isn't as pretty as I think it should be... I'm striving to just be present. Present over perfect. 

but sweeter and wiser words than any other that I have read this week, one of our May verses that we are memorizing together... I pray it encourages your heart! 

Commit your way to the Lord. Trust in Him and He will act! Psalm 37:5