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9 Months... Time, Slow DOWN!

Kimmy LaMee

I'm 9 months old and it's getting harder and harder for daddy to snap these pics.  I went and saw Dr. Jack this week and I was a big 18.3 pounds and 24 inches long! I'm eating lots and lots - mostly what mom fixes me but I also have these new things called "straws". I can eat these all by myself. Daddy and mommy keep putting stuff on my tray to eat too, but it's weird so I'm sticking with my own food. I don't like PEAS and I've told mommy and daddy that, but they aren't listening to me!!  I love crawling and walking behind my car that Ms. Beth gave me. And my new favorite toy is this really cool thing sitting on the coffee table that has people and animals and it lights up and sings.  (Thanks Grace for this amazing toy!) Mommy keeps arranging it with this little baby in the middle and making it all neat but i jut keep knocking it over. I like this game! I love when mommy and daddy sing to me at night and read to me. I try to sing with them but I don't know all the words yet?!? I get to celebrate Thanksgiving (whatever that is!) this week and maybe I'll get to eat some turkey and dressing... I think I'll like that! 

i hope you have a great Thanksgiving! Mommy and Daddy sure are thankful for each of you reading this!