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hats off to you, working moms!

Kimmy LaMee

I started back to work this week and this new momma is flat WORE out! As I set my alarm each morning, really early (or earlier than I'm use to) to get up, spend time with Jesus, sip some coffee, and be ready before Ivey awoke, I was reminded of how precious my time at home was and how blessed I am to be heading back to a ministry position that I absolutely love and doesn't quite feel like "work" most days.  I really am blessed! I work in the same building where Ivey is going to preschool and I only work part time so Ivey really only has to go to the preschool in the mornings.  I told you I was blessed... 

Heading back to work, I realized that I was now wearing many different hats - wife, mommy, minister, co-worker, daughter, sister, and friend... and as I journaled and spent time praying and preparing my heart for this role change, I prayed that my priorities would always be in the right order. While I'm called to serve at FBS as the Director of Local Ministries, for me there is no higher calling than being a wife to Dan and a mommy to Ivey, and I pray that as Ivey grows older she will see a mommy who loves Jesus, her daddy, and her and loves serving others - in that order.  

I also was reminded how amazing working mamas are.... WHEW, this part-time working mama is exhausted and might be heading to bed really early tonight...