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when no one else is looking

Kimmy LaMee

Three times a day, the MPACT office, where I serve, stops to pray. We pray for our friends serving around the world and for our church planting partners, we pray for the local projects that I'm working on and our Refuge friends, we pray for lost friends and family members and so much more. We stop what we're doing, open up a brown cabinet that hides a white board that is FULL of requests and we just pray. At 8:30, 12:30 and 4:30, everyday. We've been doing this now for at least 6 months - I really can't remember when we started this but it has become one of my favorite times of my day.  Working part-time, I strive to be there for at least one of the prayer times each day to pray with my team. To hear them pray for our church and for what God has called us to do is quite amazing and challenging and humbling.

On Fridays though, our office is pretty quiet. Most of us have the day off and very rarely is anyone else there, besides Michelle, our AMAZING secretary. I often wondered what happened with our prayer times on Friday, until last week. I had ran up to the church to drop Ivey off at the preschool and thought I would run down to our office real quick to say hey. I walked in on what was probably the most challenging scene I've encountered lately - Michelle standing in front of the board, doors open, praying aloud over each item on the list - by herself.  I quickly joined her and prayed along side of her, starting my day of running errands off to the BEST start - in prayer.

As I was leaving, I began thinking - "What would I do if no one else was looking?!" You see - Michelle chose to stop her tasks, to take a few minutes and to pray - even when no one else would "know" the difference, even when no one else was there.  That was such a challenge to me! It spoke VOLUMES into my heart about the importance of being committed, and reminded me that it does matter what I do, even when no one else sees. 

So, thanks Michelle for being committed to prayer - even on Fridays, when no one else is there - and thanks for challenging my heart to be committed as well.