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4 months... WHAT?!?

Kimmy LaMee


I have been in this world for 4 whole months! That is just crazy!! You would think by now that my mommy and daddy would figure me out but they are still learning! I had a great time in Kentucky with my Aunt Hope and Uncle John and my Great Aunt & Uncle Fun. I especially loved meeting Uncle Fun with his fun beard! I was tempted to pull it all out one hair at a time - but I didn't. I loved driving up and back, although I got a bit squirmy on the way home. I also enjoyed my Aunt Angie and Savannah and Makenzie coming to visit, but man they wore me out! They took me to the zoo and to the children's museum and we even went swimming for the very first time. I'm not so sure about that cold water I just sat around in... weird! I love to eat and sleep and stay awake and play and of course talk, talk, and talk some more!