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She is Yours, Lord!

Kimmy LaMee


We had a sweet time of dedicating Ivey to the Lord Sunday afternoon surrounded by friends and family members. As we prayed over her and read scripture together, I was once again reminded that Ivey is not ours... She was given to us for a time to train and teach and love and so much more, but she really belongs to The Lord. He created her. He knows her. He has her days numbered from beginning to end. He knows every hair on her head, and she has lots of that! 
This day was about promising to teach her about Jesus and committing our lives to the best of our ability to parent her in a way that brings God the most glory. It was also about committing with our friends and family together to support her, love her, and share Jesus with her in all things. 
I wish that I could see what Ivey's life will be like in 10 or 20 years from now. I wish I knew whether or not she would choose to follow Jesus, but I don't. All we can do as her parents is to train her in the way she should go... The rest is totally up to the saving grace and redemption of Jesus.  But we commit to do our part to share Jesus in all things, to teach her about His grace and mercy and forgiveness, to tell her of her deep need for a Savior and how apart from Christ she has no good thing to offer, and to model love and grace for all. And we are so very thankful for those who will be standing alongside of us and helping us in this blessing.

Oh Father, would you draw her heart to your heart? Would you give her a desire to know you and make you known among the nations? She is yours Lord.  Thank you for entrusting her to us. May we bring you glory as we parent her to know you!  May her roots be deep in you Lord and may her life be centered in you. May you give her a heart of joy and thankfulness in all things.