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11 Months - Oh My Goodness!

Kimmy LaMee

I'm already 11 months old and this month I have been busy!! I started walking on a Sunday night at grandma and grandpa's house and I have not slowed down! Mommy had a meeting in Texas and left the next day and daddy took great care of me for a few days while she was away but boy was I excited when I picked mommy up at the airport! I have also had a double ear infection again - BOO! But mommy and daddy and Dr. Jack have been taking great care of me!! I've also learned how to say "baby" and "daddy" and "bye-bye" - now if I could just get the "mmmmm" sound down and say "mommy" that would make her really happy! I've been eating all kinds of new and fun stuff - mostly, what mommy has been cooking for dinner. She sometimes forgets that I don't like all that spicy stuff but I quickly tell her!!  My big birthday is coming up and I can't wait to celebrate with my family and friends and finally have a taste of cake!!