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10 Months... Really?!?

Kimmy LaMee

I'm 10 months and I LOVED CHRISTMAS!!! I loved the gifts, I loved my family all being here, I loved the lights and the tree,  I loved getting to be off my schedule, and I loved that PAPER I got to tear and then eat! I'm getting quite a voice and I love to use it to let everyone know when I'm loving life and when I'm not! I laugh A LOT and I scream A LOT! I have one level - LOUD! But mommy and daddy would have it no other way - or so they say?!? I'm taking a few steps here and there but why walk when I can just get on my knees and GO! Nola and I are having so much fun playing together and chasing each other down the hallway. Also, when no one is looking I slide her my food - its our little secret! i'm enjoying eating my books instead of reading them - they are so very tasty and my favorite toy would be my Little People Nativity. I love chewing on baby Jesus' head and the camel too- they are quite tasty but that thing disappeared a few days ago, and so did the tree, and my family.... I think I'll go scream now!