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the BIG ONE!

Kimmy LaMee

I'm a YEAR OLD! A WHOLE 12 months! Mommy and daddy can't believe how fast this year has gone by. They were reminiscing the other night and reminding me of different things from this past year. Mommy gets a bit weepy - I just laugh at her! haha

I'm walking all over the place, and talking up a storm but no one seems to understand ME! It makes me SOOOOO MAD, I just want to scream - and I sometimes DO! They know when I'm ready to leave and go bye-bye though cause I say it lots! I also love to hold my baby and say "BABY" over and over again. 

Mommy took away my bottle and I haven't really missed it. She's been giving me some really yummy food lately too but I really like my strawberries the best! 

thanks for following along with me this year. I'm not sure if mommy will keep making me sit in that yellow chair and hold that ridiculous sign again or not?!? I sure hope NOT!