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Lessons from Ivey on Modeling


Ivey has been teaching me lots of lessons lately about "modeling". I'm not talking about the pretty girls or handsome guys you see in magazines. I'm referring to the modeling that we do as her mommy and daddy. She has become quite the imitator and picks up on every little thing that we do. 

For example, since the beginning with Ivey, as I would drive with her each morning to church and preschool, I always take time to sing a few songs and then I pray for our day and things going on around the world. (Aren't you glad you don't have to ride with us and hear me sing! ha) I have treasured those times so very much over this past year and a half (saying that makes me want to go cry - time slow down!)  I didn't really think that it was that important though honestly. I often thought to myself, "this is more for me - this is my worship and prayer time..." But her little ears have been listening oh so closely to me during this time. 

Fast forward to this past week and each morning as we have left to head to church, I have heard a sweet little voice from the backseat, softly say, "pray". At first, I didn't really understand what she was saying, but then she kept insisting and getting louder and louder, "pray, PRay, PRAY!" until I finally realized she was reminding me to pray. 

We began to pray together for our day, I prayed that He would be most glorified in us and that HE would draw her heart to Him one day. I've also prayed that we, as her parents, would remember that we have little eyes and little ears watching everything that we do and that we would always be seeking Christ in order to model Christ to Ivey. I prayed that we would be intentional with every moment, whether its just a car ride to church or playing in her room. 

So what little eyes (or big eyes) are watching you? What are you modeling?