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may we always GO!

Kimmy LaMee

Our little gal is growing UP! Yesterday she left with her Nana and PopPop to go and visit her cousins, and aunt, and uncle in Maryland.  She was so excited! In fact, she got very little sleep the night before because she just couldn't wait to "go to Baltimore"! We counted down the sleeps. We packed her bags, blanket, her dolly, and a few books for the road - and off she went... not even looking back... 

It brought up a lot of thoughts and emotions in my heart yesterday as we sent her to surprise the gals. Will she be safe? What if something happens to her? And I was brought back to the special day when Dan and I committed before family and friends to raise her to love Jesus and that she was not ours. She's HIS and HE will watch over her far better than I could.

My prayer for this sweet girl is that she will always GO! She will GO across the street and be a kind neighbor. She will GO to that friend who feels all alone at recess. She will GO to the tough and hard places and share Jesus. And my prayer for Dan and I, is that we will always be behind her, encouraging her to GO, sending her out, and of course, shedding some tears along the way... 

In order to foster a "going heart" in Ivey and Nora, it has to start with us and it has to start now, even when Ivey is only 2 and Nora is just 7 weeks old.  We have to go. We have to prepare. We have to teach them about Jesus and pray for them consistently that they will one day know and love the one we serve. We have to teach them about the world and loving others. 

What are ways or opportunities to foster a "going heart" in your home? 

May we always GO!