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one month later

Kimmy LaMee

I'm a whole month already (well actually I'm older but mommy has been busy...) This month has flown by so mommy says. She actually says "the days go by slow but the time is flying by..." I'm eating LOTS and sleeping LOTS and daddy and mommy both think I'm quite the snuggly baby girl. My big sister LOVES me - sometimes a little too much! She always wants to hold me. I hope she'll always love me, even when I take her toys!! Everyone seems to be adjusting well to my arrival, even Nola. Speaking of NOLA, why in the world did daddy and mommy name me something so close to the dog's name... I never know if they are talking to me or not and NOLA stays quite confused! We'll figure it out next month maybe... 

of course big sister, Ivey, had to get in the pics! 

of course big sister, Ivey, had to get in the pics!