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A trip to the Middle East

Kimmy LaMee

We had an amazing opportunity to lead a team to the Middle East to work with refugees about a month ago. We had several purposes for our time there -  to encourage and support the work of some of our friends living there,  as well as to take every opportunity to share Jesus, and encourage those who are struggling and suffering in this region. Many of you have heard about the terrible struggle that refugees are facing right now and the American news really doesn't begin to do it justice! In fact, much of what you hear is sadly not even truth - but that's for another blog... 

Their stories are heartbreaking, their losses are simply overwhelming, yet their spirits seemed unbreakable. As refugee families welcomed us into their "homes", they were filled with moments of joy and laughter. They shared their stories openly and listened as we shared scripture to encourage their weary hearts. They not only listened but they were so very open to the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was simply amazing and I headed back home with a greater passion to pray for my new friends and the hundreds of thousands they represent.  Will you join me and take just a few minutes to pray for refugees around the world who are open to hear the truth right now, yet who are struggling just to live and survive.