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3 and 4... oops!

Kimmy LaMee

Months 3 & 4 have come and gone and while mommy and daddy made sure to take my pics, they've not done a great job at telling the world that I'm growing up... 

I've been quite a busy girl the last two months. I'm rolling all over the place, I've found my feet, and mommy fed me that weird white stuff she's calling "cereal". My cereal doesn't quite look as yummy as Ivey's... We celebrated Christmas with an epic road trip to Kentucky and Maryland and i thought I was never going to get out of the car. I did pretty great though considering i had to be in the car FOREVER...  

 Oh, and I also flew to the other side of the country and saw the Pacific Ocean. That was a WHOLE lot of FUN and I am quite a rockstar at flying too.  Can we do that again, mommy and daddy?