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Monday Morning Mug: San Diego

Kimmy LaMee

I came across a post somewhere (probably Pinterest...can't remember) where someone used their Starbucks mugs to remind them to pray for a city or country each week and I think that's a BRILLIANT idea! I'm always looking for fun new ways to incorporate prayer and coffee together - right?!?  

So... I thought I would kick it off with San Diego. Dan and I (and Nora too) just returned from San Diego just a few days ago and that beautiful city is fresh on my heart and mind, but it's actually been a part of my world for several years. I made my first trip out there with Crossover Ministries back in 2000, I think?? I can't exactly remember...

It's quite a beautiful city with amazing views, yummy food, and sweet people and while I spent most of my time inside a room at our hotel for a conference, I enjoyed our time there. I'm praying this week for several new church plants that are doing great work in the area. 

City Life Church in San Diego (

Catalyst Church San Diego (

Inland Hills Community Church ( 

My prayer for San Diego is that God would do a GREAT work in that city - the lost would be drawn to Him and his presence would be felt from the Harbor to downtown, from Little Italy to the GasLamp District and everywhere else our feet took us this past week.