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Monday Morning Mug: Athens

Kimmy LaMee

When I look at this mug, I think of two things: vacation and COFFEE! I had the best time with a few of my teammates as we vacationed here in Athens and the Greek Isles while I was living in North Africa.  We had two requirements for that vacation - a Starbucks and to put our feet in the sand. We accomplished both of those goals. And the bonus was getting to celebrate my 30th birthday, which seems like just yesterday... if only... 

As I think of Greece today, my heart is broken for the many refugees that are landing in Greece and the work that is being done there to help them just survive. I'm so excited (if one can be excited about this...) to be helping organize a work with refugees in Greece this summer. We will be sending a team of six or so to help with distributions of food and supplies in the tent cities. If you would like more information, feel free to leave me a comment or message me. 

This morning I spent time praying for refugees in Greece, for the many volunteers who are serving there, and the work that is being accomplished. I also praised the Lord for some sweet teammates who journeyed to Greece with me! Gosh, I miss those gals and our fun adventures!!

Will you join me in praying for Greece and for refugees this morning?