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Ivey is THREE!

Kimmy LaMee


This was written back in February.... but you know... babies and busy.... oh my... 


 Ivey is Three... I can hardly type that without shedding a tear or two or three...

She's growing up into quite a spunky, fun, caring and kind little gal. She loves to go to school and learn. She loves to point out her letters to us and counts to 13 before she skips over to 16 and then 22. We have to work on that... She also LOVES PUZZLES! The girl is already putting together 24 and 36 piece puzzles together "all by herself", which we hear quite often. She also LOVES to go to church on Sunday although she stays quite confused about what we are doing - are we going to mommy's office, to church, or to school... I think I stay confused about that as a matter of fact!

She loves all things Minnie, Sophia & Duck, StoryBots, and Owlegories. She also loves all things pink and blue. She was convinced for Christmas that she would get a pink and blue present - Santa, missed that memo I guess. 

She's an incredible big sister and loves to kiss and hold and talk to "Noria" as she has started calling her.

As we begin this third year of her life, our prayer for Ivey as we pray for her each night is that she would learn to honor the Lord in all that she does, all that she says, and all that she thinks...