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Monday Morning Mug: Germany

Kimmy LaMee

Germany holds a pretty special place in my heart for two reasons: two trips that were pretty significant in my life began in Germany. The first was a trip to work and serve friends who lived in North Africa who were on a vacation in Germany,  which then led to me joining them and living in North Africa for two years of my life. The second was while living in North Africa, and dating Dan long distance, we met in Munich and took a train through Germany and Italy. It was the first time that I had seen him in 13 months and we still had 10 months to go in our long distance dating relationship. It was on this trip that I knew he was the one that I would one day marry! I will never forget the straight up pure excitement of getting off my plane and seeing him walking toward me and my teammate and embracing him for the first time in a really really long time. I won't mention that he almost walked right by me not recognizing me....

This morning was fun reminiscing about this place - the people who I met, the direction my life took from one specific trip, the fun and the reconnecting - all from one little small country. I spent time praying for specific friends who are dear to my heart. I prayed for the students who I met for the very first time and loved them because they were just plain amazing. I praised the Lord for the connections that were made there on so many levels and how he set the path of my life in many ways from that little corner of the world. I praised the Lord for the 10 days that I got to meet up with Dan - in the middle of a LONG time apart - right here in Germany and how we got to experience a trip of a lifetime together! And I prayed for Germany, that in the midst of the beauty there, that the light of Jesus Christ will shine bright from every forest and mountaintop.

Have you been to Germany? How can you pray for that beautiful place today?