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Monday Morning Mug: Madrid

Kimmy LaMee

I honestly don't remember a whole lot about my time in Madrid. I'm sure it was beautiful and lots of fun, but my visit there was really short and one out of necessity more than pleasure. In fact, I really don't even remember getting the mug. I'm sure I enjoyed the coffee and the "free world". as we so lovingly called it! I probably also really enjoyed the bacon, and the Dunkin Donuts, and other American chain food. While I may not remember the specifics of that great city, I remember finding refuge and rest there... and what I do remember is the family / teammates that I went to Madrid with and how I just love them so.

So, this morning as I sipped my coffee and studied God's word, my thoughts went to one of my favorite families who I miss dearly. This family were great teammates and friends as i lived in North Africa and I praise the Lord for them even today and the impact that they had on my life.

It caused me to reflect even deeper this morning on others who have had an impact in my world. I am ONE blessed gal when I begin to think through and over my short life. 

Who has impacted your life? Who can you stop for today and just spend some time lifting them up? Maybe you could even shoot them an email and say thanks...