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Monday Morning Mug: Istanbul

Kimmy LaMee

I have a general rule in my Starbucks Mug collection which is that I have to be present to actually buy the mug. There are a couple exceptions in my collection thanks to sweet friends who either live there or visited and knew that I collected the city mugs. This is one of those exceptions. I haven't been to Istanbul (yet) but have had sweet friends who lived there and amazing friends who currently live near there.  This city has become precious to me. This morning I spent time praising the Lord for the work of some very sweet friends who have moved back to the states to serve. I am so thankful for the work that they did in that city, how they served other families so very faithfully and how they continue to do that from this side of the ocean. I also lifted up the current work of some dear friends who recently moved to that side of the world. Actually this whole month at dinner time our family is lifting this couple up as they serve among the ZaZa peoples.  Will you join me in praying for Istanbul? Pray for the refugees seeking shelter in that great city and pray for those seeking to serve them. Pray also for the many who walk in darkness in this beautiful city that they may one day hear of the truth that will bring light into their world!