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5 months already

Kimmy LaMee

I am 5 months already... and mommy and daddy actually remembered to take my pic at 5 months... it's a MIRACLE! I know they are busy... but really, what's more important than me....

I've been up to a whole lot this month. I took them to San Diego and Los Angeles and was quite the star!  I LOVE to fly! I've been asking mommy when we can GO again! I've also got two little teeth and they HURT! I've also been telling mommy and daddy all about that too! I'm rolling all over the place and silly mommy forgets and lays me down and I'm NEVER where she left me... I gotta keep them on their toes!  I also think my big sister is the best thing since sliced bread - whatever that is... She makes me giggle all the time and I sure hope she'll always be my best friend!