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Monday Morning Mug: Baltimore

Kimmy LaMee

Or "Charm City" as it's often referred too.

I love this city for many reasons: my favorite people live there! This morning as I spent time praying for this great city, I spent most of my time praying for those favorite people including my sweet nieces who are the BEST thing ever, my sister and brother, and one of my favorite people, Malia. I prayed also for my fun college roommates Jen & Ally who I made my very first trip to  Baltimore with - long before I knew Malia and long before my sister lived there.

I prayed for that great city too. Baltimore has gotten quite a bad rap lately but it's a beautiful city filled with great people. I prayed that healing would continue. I prayed for racial unity to continue. I prayed for the many who serve that city, including my brother who is a Maryland State Trooper. I prayed for the church plants that are growing in that great city thanks to the work of the North American Mission Board and their Send Cities Initiative  in Baltimore.  Which by the way, did you know that there is only ONE church for every 11,000 Baltimore residents.... wowzers.... 

Will you pray for Baltimore the Charm City today too?