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Monday Morning Mug: Seattle

Kimmy LaMee

Seattle holds a special place in our hearts because we honeymooned here over 6 years ago... WHAT?!?! How is that even possible!?!? We actually didn't get to see all that we wanted to see of this great city because our honeymoon didn't go quite as planned. Dan got extremely sick and we spent most of the week in our hotel room and I learned my vows really quickly... "in sickness and health...".  We did get to enjoy Pike's Place Market and the Space Needle and saw "Dickens of a Christmas" in this great little local theatre - which was so FUN! As I spent time praying for this city - I thanked God for my sweet hubby who I still love in sickness and in health. I prayed for him as he travels this week and serves the Lord. I thanked God for a fun city and prayed that many would come to know Him through friends, like the Fullers, who are living and serving there now.  And I prayed that maybe one day soon we could travel back and both stay healthy and really enjoy all that the beautiful city has to offer!