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Monday Morning Mug: New Orleans

Kimmy LaMee

Oh NOLA... I love this city... a home to me for several years... a place where I grew in more ways than I could ever express or share on this blog.  A place and people that challenged me to my core. This morning as I gulped down my coffee from this mug and rushed out the door to get the girls dropped off at school and to my office on time (only to still be 5 minutes late... ugh!) I had to laugh because that's exactly how life felt while living there. It's also timely as I drank from this mug because last week we celebrated Mardi Gras and began the season of Lent. I'm always homesick during this time of year for my friends and life there and while I wouldn't change a single thing about life now - gosh, I miss NOLA. I spent some time this morning thanking the Lord for allowing me to fall in love with such a place, for introducing people and ministries in to my life that are a central part of who I am today and for walking through some of my life's hardest battles there. I prayed for that great city to be captivated by Jesus. I prayed for friends who still live there and battle daily there. I prayed for sweet churches like FBC LaPlace and Vintage and Mosaic. And I thanked God that He wove deep into my heart a love for that city that will always be... 

Will you pray today for New Orleans? Pray for the churches that i mentioned. Pray for MissionLab, a ministry that I was blessed to be a part of during my time there as they launch Spring Break week today. Pray for NOBTS, a school of providence and prayer. Pray that God would redeem and rescue this great city! 

Who Dat!