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Monday Morning Mug: Barcelona

Kimmy LaMee


This special Mug was given to me by one of my most favorite people and reminds me of a really great city where I spent spring break while living overseas. Barcelona was a fun city and I had a blast with my teammates exploring and taking in as much as I could of this great place.  We ate lots of bacon and drank lots of Starbucks.  This morning I thanked God for fun teammates who made living overseas a constant adventure. I also prayed for my sweet friend Katelin - who loves and serves my family so well, and brought me this fun Mug which replaced my Starbucks city Mug that I can't seem to find (wahhhhh). I also prayed for friends who are living and serving here and that many in this city would come to Christ. 

If only I could be on spring break again there...